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RSMP290MR and RSMP190MG mini prism magnetic base, 17.5mm and 12.7mm

PN: SP03-RSMP290M-R /

These prisms can be easily stuck on or fixed with dowels and screws even on difficult bases such as, for example, glass and marble facades, historic buildings and gas and oil pipelines. When using tachymeters and total stations: The prism can always be aligned accurately with the measuring instrument. The prism can be turned in a radius of 360°, making it possible to use the same survey point from almost all directions.
Bridges, facades and other objects can be monitored even more quickly and more accurately when using robotic total stations permanent settlement measurements can be carried out during the construction With Mini-prism RSMP290, in the ATR mode ranges of 300 m to 500 m can be achieved. The ranges are dependent on the type of instrument used and are affected by the weather and environmental conditions. By aiming at already known measuring points ranges of up to 1,000 m can be achieved with robotic total stations. For measurements in manual mode depending on the focus, ranges of approx. 200 m can be obtained.
  • Offset -10mm [Leica +24.4mm]
  • 17.5mm mini-prism; Height of tilting mini-prism is 45mm
  • Built-in magnetic base for easy installation on steel structures, or use with RSFP-X90 mount.
  • Color Grey
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